Haverinen Farm Story

Wayne and Heidi with six of their eight children work the Haverinen Farm.

Are you ready to provide your family with the highest quality meat and milk? 

  • That’s organic, soy and GMO free?
  • Providing the highest quality nutrition with the most important health benefits?

Haverinen Farm stands ready to serve you and your family. Here’s why…

Haverinen Farm was homesteaded in 1901 by Finnish immigrant Isak Haverinen and has been passed down through the generations ever since. We’re celebrating the fifth generation of Haverinens cultivating this land and ensuring its ability to provide nourishing food for you and your growing family.  

In 1996, Wayne purchased dairy cows and operated a conventional dairy until challenging times turned him to organic farming. Haverinen Farm became NICS Certified Organic in 2002. The support and sharing in the organic community strengthened the family's belief that this was the best way to farm and the only way to serve you

Benefits of Organic Food

Want to avoid eating pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, GMOs, and soy?

We recognized early on that the chemicals we put on our soil goes into our animals, and eventually into every person who consumes them. This isn’t responsible farming. When we do our best at Haverinen Farms, you know that you are getting the closest thing to what God intended in nature when you prepare your meals.
Here’s what we know about how organic foods are best for you:

  • Organic foods are NOT produced with the use of pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful chemicals.
  • Antioxidants are more prevalent in organic foods because over processing and chemical reactions aren’t eliminating them. 
  • Organic milk, grassfed beef, and pastured pork  are more flavorful than their counterparts. You’ll need less seasonings and added flavors to enjoy these wonderful products.
  • Organic and eco-friendly farming creates negligible environmental pollution and soil erosion, which increases soil health and the mineral content of your food. Making you healthy and happy.

Regenerative Agriculture

We’re staring the 1930’s dust bowl in the eyes. Right. Now. 

If you think supply chain issues are a problem at the moment, consider what it will look like when soil erosion continues and we can’t grow anything. It’ll be much worse than the 1930s.

We felt this in our own operation when we did everything we were told by conventional agriculture to increase the milk supply of our dairy cows. We fed them minerals and grain but they still suffered from poor health, and very little was growing on our land.

When we shifted our focus to restructuring the soil, the mineral content naturally increased, we had disease resistant plants, and our animals began to forage on the bounty that was growing. Our herd got stronger and the milk they produced was of higher quality.

We strive to continue to learn and understand with the support of other farmers and ranchers in the regenerative and organic agriculture communities, and are committed to bringing the benefits to you and your growing family.

Know your farmer

Do you wonder where the food you buy at the grocery store comes from?

“It comes from a farm!!” you say.
Well, yes it does. But where is that farm? Did you know that 40% of all consumed beef in the US comes from another country, oftentimes overseas? And we have to ask, do you consider a feedlot with hundreds of cows in the mud a farm? Or the indoor holding pens for pigs, a pasture?

We don’t think so. We believe when you consume foods that were raised humanely and on an actual farm or pasture from birth through their processing time, you’re getting the best possible meal available today. Especially when you get to meet the farming family who raised them. 

 Our goal is to keep the farm running, successful, and in the family for many years to come. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality grassfed beef and pastured pork for our community. We strive to create an environment where the symbiotic relationship between the plants, animals, wildlife and humans are all balanced, so mother nature can do her best work. You can clearly taste the benefits of this environment through our meat. 

Haverinen Farm is a true family farm operated by Wayne and Heidi Haverinen and six of our eight children. One of our goals is to continue to expand our direct-to-consumer sales so that if they choose to, our children can continue to work with us on the farm as they begin their own families.

Are you ready to provide your family with the highest quality meat and milk that is organic, soy and GMO free? Committed to giving you and your family the best possible nutritional and health benefits, Haverinen Farm stands ready to serve you.

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